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Scene 117
Picking Elderberries

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  Then she did send me to pick elderberries. She did tell me to scoot up the tree in a hurry. I did so. When I was up in the tree, I did not hurry so to get the berries. I took looks about. I looked to the divides in the road and away to the blue hills . Then I sat on another limb and looked looks more near. I did watch the little pond. In the pond is a lily. The lily is a yellow lily and it floats upon the water. It does float upon the water like a little sky-star. Maybe it was a little one that did have longings to cuddle in among the raindrops that do come together in the pond. I wonder how it came to be. I would like to know.
  In the pasture by the pond I did see a mother sheep. I think it must be nice to be a sheep -- to be a mother sheep and have a little lamb. Children are such a blessing. When I did have my pail half full of berries, I did stop to pick out names for the twins I am going to have when I grow up. I did pick out sixteen names and then, being as I could not make decides between them, I did have decides to pick out names for them some other day. And I did begin at once to get that pail all full of elderberries.
  When that was come to pass, I set the pail on a little stump. Brave Horatius stayed to guard it, and I did go the way that leads to the hill top. I did have longings to dance. Most every day I do dance. I dance with the leaves and the grass. I feel thrills from my toes to my curls. I feel like a bird sometimes. Then I spread my arms for wings. And I go my way from stump to stump and on adown the hill. Sometimes I am a demoiselle flitting near unto the water. Then I nod unto the willows and they nod unto me. They wave their arms and I wave mine. They wiggle their toes in the water a bit and I do so too. And every time we wiggle our toes we do drink into our souls the song of the brook -- the glad song it is always singing. And the joy-song does sing on in our hearts. So did it today.
  And afterwards when I did go to get my pail of elderberries, they were gone. They were gone only a little way. Brave Horatius did have feelings those elderberries ought to be going to the house we live in . So he did make starts with them. When I did catch up with him he did have the pail-handle in his mouth. He was going in a slow way. And only a few elderberries did spill out. I have thinks they did roll out when he took the bucket off the stump.
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