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Scene 116
Chores for the Mamma

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  Before I did get five caterpillars into their christening robes I did hear the mamma calling. She did have needs of me. I ran a quick run to the house. When I did walk in the door, I did hold up my dress. Now the mamma makes me raise up my dress when I come into the house so she can get a good look at my underskirt all around. She does it to see if I have any animals about me in the pockets I pin on my underskirts. The mamma objects to my bringing animals into the house. In the days of now I am real careful to be bringing in my friends in these pockets when the mamma is at home. This morning she did look satisfaction looks when she saw not an animal in the pockets I have pinned onto my underskirt.
  When I was walked in she did send me again to get wood. She did want the woodbox filled with wood. Sometimes it takes an awful long time to fill the woodbox. The longest time is when I am in a hurry to go on exploration trips. While I did pile the wood in, I did whisper my feels about it all to Felix Mendelssohn , that was hiding up my sleeve. Then the mamma said if I was born her child, I wouldn't have had this longing to go on exploration trips.
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