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Scene 115

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  First thing I did do on the morning of today was to go to prayers in the cathedral . When I was come again to the house we live in , I did eat my breakfast. For breakfast I do eat a bowl of bread and milk. Then I did give the back porch a sweep-off. That made its appears better. Then I did go to feed the chickens, and after that I did go to feed the folks in the nursery .
  The caterpillars do eat so much. They do get hungry feels inside them most often. When I did have them well fed on this morning, I did make tries to get some of them into their christening robes so that they can be christened before they do grow more old, and before they do grow too big to wear their little christening robes. The matter of making christening robes for caterpillars, it is not a difficult one. The difficulty is to get a frisky caterpillar to keep still while one is putting on his christening robe. And then it is a problem to keep it on after one does get it on. I do have much troubles with caterpillars crawling out of their christening robes after I do get them on.
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