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Scene 112
Calling on Folks with Sun-bonnets

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  When morning works was done, then I did go calling on the folks that wear sunbonnets. I thought I better keep my sunbonnet on my head, being as I was going calling on sunbonnet folks. First I went to the garden to visit the pea family. I shook hands all down the row and back up the other row. Then I went to call on their neighbors the beans. And I saw a rabbit in the garden near unto the cabbages. I went a little nearer. I went to see who it was. It was Madame Lapine . She is a gentle woman and her ways are quiet ways, and she does have a fondness for bits of apple. Whenever I do have an apple I do save bits for her. Too, she likes cabbage, and I have showed her the way into the garden to get it when I am not there to get it for her.
  Today, after I did have talks with most all the folks in the garden and after, I did tell them about this day being the crowning day of Louis XIV in 1654 and the going-away day of Robert de Bruce in 1329; then I did go out across the fields to have talks with Aphrodite and Solomon Grundy and Michael Angelo Sanzio Raphael . Then it was I saw the chore boy near unto the barn. He had a long stick. He was knocking down the homes of the swallows. There were broken cradles on the ground, and there were grown-up swallows about with distresses in their flying. That did make me to have so sad feels. I did tell him how dear are swallows, but he would have no listens.
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