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Scene 108
A New bran-sack-box

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  When I was come home from school this afternoon, first I did go to the woodshed to carry in wood. I saw there was some new bran in the bran-sack-box. That box is a big box. I make climbs up on it sometimes to have thinks. And Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus makes a climb up too. Then I get down and make a pile of wood high enough so Brave Horatius can make a jump climb up. We have likes for that big bran-sack-box. Jenny Strong says why we do have likes for that box is because it is a hard box to get up on. But we do get up on it often. Sometimes I do eat my bowl of bread and milk for supper there on the bran-sack-box.
  There is another box in the woodshed . In that other box is a sack of wheat. In morning-time a little bit of it goes with the scraps to feed the chickens. In evening before gray-light-time more wheat from that sack goes to feed the chickens. And the chickens do have likes for that wheat from that sack in that box. I strew it on the ground for them in swings. I swing my arm a long swing and then a short swing. When I do swing it a long swing the wheat goes far. When I swing it a short swing it goes not so. It goes only a little ways. To-day I did swing my arm four long swings and three short swings and two more long swings. The chickens were glad to have it so. They did pick up that wheat in a hurry way.
  Then I went into the kitchen to get the egg-turner to pat the dirt down good around that tomato plant that's been dabbling its toes in the brook and is now planted again. Just when I got it most patted down right, so it looked real proper -- just then the mamma stepped behind me. She turned me over her knee. She wouldn't listen to explanations . She just applied that egg-turner to the back part of me . Now I feel too much sore to sit down, so I lean over a stump to print this. I have thinks I will go goes to the house of Dear Love .
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