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Scene 105
Rosée on the Verdure

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  There was rosée on the verdure everywhere this morning, and the sunbeams made all the drops to shine. And there was glory and gladness everywhere. When I did look upon it, I did have thinks to go explores down along Nonette and into the forêt de Chantilly. But the mamma had not thinks like my thinks. She did tell me of the many works she did have for me to do, and I did go to do them. But as I did go about to do them, I did have thinks about the appears with resée on them of the things that grow where Nonette flows.
  After the morning works was done, the mamma did have me to mind the baby while she was making it a dress. While I did mind the baby and while the mamma was making a dress for the baby, I made out of the piece what was left a christening robe . I made it for a young rooster. It isn't the first one I have made for him. But all the others he has got too big to wear, and I haven't been able to catch him yet.
  A little time before I did eat my bowl of bread and milk--it was a little time before noontime -- the mamma did take the little girl and the baby and the dress she was making for the baby, and they all did go to the house of her mother. She did have me to help her to take them and when they were come to the door of the house of her mother, I did come again home.
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