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Scene 102
Sing While Works

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  When we was come into the house, mamma did tell me works to do. And then she went with the little girl and the baby and some lace she was making for a skirt for the baby, all to the house of Elsie . I did make begins on the works. I like to be helps to the mamma. I like to sing while I have works to do. It does so help. After I did scrub the steps and empty the ashes and fill the woodbox and give the babes clothes some washes -- all as the mamma did say for me to do -- then I made prepares to take Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus to visit Dear Love . She has kind thoughts of him, and it is four whole days since she has seen him.
  First I brought out his nice pink ribbon that the fairies did bring to him. I hung it on a branch of willow. Then I did sit down. I had only a half a Castoria bottle full of warm water, so I did have needs to be careful in the use of it. First I did wash his beautiful white paws. I dried them on my apron as I did forget to bring his little towel. Dear Love made that little towel for him. It is like her big bath-towel. And she marked his initials on it with red ink like Big Jud has a bottle of at school . She put a dot after each letter. It is T.C.J.Z. on his bath-towel. When I do have thinks about that nice little bath-towel of his, I do give his paws a wash, and if I have not the towel with me, I do dry them with my apron.
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