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Scene 101
Down By The Swamp

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  Very early in the morning of today I did get out of my bed and I did get dressed in a quick way. Then I climbed out the window of the house we live in . The sun was up and the birds were singing. I went my way. As I did go, I did have hearing of many voices. They were the voices of earth glad for the spring. They did say what they had to say in the growing grass and in the leaves growing out from tips of branches. The birds did have knowing , and sang what the grasses and leaves did say of the gladness of living. I, too, did feel glad feels from my toes to my curls.
  I went down by the swamp. I went there to get reeds. There I saw a black bird with red upon his wings. He was going in among the rushes. I made a stop to watch him. I have thinks tomorrow I must be going in among the rushes where he did go. I shall pull off my shoes and Stockings first, for mud is there and there is water. I like to go in among the rushes where the black birds with red upon their wings do go. I like to touch fingertips with the rushes. I like to listen to the voices that whisper in the swamp, and I do so like to feel the mud ooze up between my toes. Mud has so much of interest in it -- slippery feels and sometimes little seeds that some day will grow into plant-folk if they do get the right chance. And some were so growing this morning. And more were making begins. I did have seeing of them while I was looking looks about for reeds.
  With the reeds I did find there I did go a-piping . I went adown the creek and out across the field and in along the lane . Every stump I did come to I did climb upon. By-and-by I was come near unto the house we live in . I thought it would be nice to go adown the path and pipe a forest song to the mamma of the gladness of the spring. When the mamma met me piping in the path, she did turn me about to the way that does lead to the house we live in. She so did with switches . She made me to stop piping the song of the forest, but it didn't go out of my heart.
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