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Scene 1
Opal's new home

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  Today the folks are gone away from the house we do live in . They are gone a little way away, to the ranch-house where the grandpa does live. I sit on our steps and I do print. I like it -- this house we do live in being at the edge of the near woods . So many little people do live in the near woods. I do have conversations with them. I found the near woods first day I did go explores. That was the next day after we were come here. All the way from the other logging camp in the beautiful mountains we came in a wagon . Two horses were in front of us. They walked in front of us all the way.
  When first we were come, we did live with some other people in the ranch-house that wasn't all builded yet. After that we lived in a tent, and often when it did rain many raindrops came right through the tent. They did fall in patters on the stove and on the floor and on the table. Too, they did make the quilts on the beds some damp -- but that didn't matter much because they soon got dried hanging around the stove.
  By and by we were come from the tent to this lumber shanty . It has got a divide in it. One room we do have sleeps in. In the other room we do have breakfast and supper. Back of the house are some nice wood-rats. The most lovely of them all is Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus . By the woodshed is a brook. It goes singing on. Its joy song does sing in my heart. Under the house live some mice. I give them bread-scraps to eat. Under the steps lives a toad. He and I -- we are friends. I have named him. I call him Lucian Horace Ovid Virgil .
  Between the ranch-house and the house we live in is the singing creek where the willows grow. We have conversations. And there I do dabble my toes beside the willows. I feel the feels of gladness they do feel. And often it is I go from the willows to the meeting of the road . That is just in front of the ranch-house. There the road does have divides . It goes three ways.
  One way the road does go to the house of Sadie McKibben . It doesn't stop when it gets to her house, but mostly I do. The road just goes on to the mill town a little way away. In its going it goes over a hill. Sometimes -- the times Sadie McKibben isn't at home -- I do go with Brave Horatius to the top of the hill. We look looks down upon the mill town. Then we do face about and come again home. Always we make stops at the house of Sadie McKibben. Her house -- it is close to the mill by the far woods . That mill makes a lot of noise. It can do two things at once. It makes the noises and also it does saw the logs into boards. About the mill do live some people, mostly menfolks. There does live the good man that wears gray neckties and is kind to mice.
  Another way, the road does go the way I go when I go to the school-house where I go to school. When it is come there, it does go right on -- on to the house of the girl who has no seeing . When it gets to her house, it does make a bend, and it does go its way to the blue hills . As it goes, its way is near unto the way of the rivière that sings as it comes from the blue hills. There are singing brooks that come going to the rivière. These brooks -- they and I -- we are friends. I call them Orne and Loing and Yonne and Rille and Essonne.
  Near unto the road , long ways between the brooks, are ranch-houses . I have not knowing of the people that do dwell in them. But I do know some of their cows and horses and pigs. They are friendly folk. Around the ranch-houses are fields. Woods used to grow where now grows grain. When the mowers cut down the grain, they also do cut down the cornflowers that grow in the fields. I follow along after and I do pick them up. Of some of them I make a guirlande.
Follow One Character When the guirlande is made, I do put it around the neck of William Shakespeare . He does have appreciations . As we go walking down the lane , I do talk with him about the one he is named for. And he does have understanding . He is such a beautiful gray horse, and his ways are ways of gentleness. Too, he does have likings like the likings I have for the hills that are beyond the fields -- for the hills where are trails and tall fir trees like the wonderful ones that do grow by the road .
  So go two of the road s. The other road does lead to the upper logging camps . It goes only a little way from the ranch-house and it comes to a rivière . Long time ago, this road did have a longing to go across the rivière. Some wise people did have understandings and they did build it a bridge to go across on. It went across the bridge and it goes on and on between the hills -- the hills where dwell the talking fir trees.
  By its side goes the railroad track . Its appears are not so nice as are the appears of the road, and it has got only a squeaky voice. But this railroad track does have shining rails -- they stretch away and away, like a silver ribbon that came from the moon in the night. I go a-walking on these rails. I get off when I do hear the approaches of the dinky engine . On this track on every day, excepting Sunday, comes and goes the logging train . It goes to the camps and it does bring back cars of logs and cars of lumber. These it does take to the mill town . There engines more big do take the cars of lumber to towns more big.
Follow One Character Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus has been waiting in my sunbonnet a long time. He wants to go on explores . Too, Brave Horatius and Isaiah are having longings in their eyes. And I hear Peter Paul Rubens squealing in the pig-pen . Now I go. We go on explores.
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