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Paragraph 97
The goodness of Sadie McKibben

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Sadie McKibben did wipe her hands on her blue gingham apron with cross stitches on it. She did have askings what was the matter with Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus . And I just said, "O Sadie McKibben, it's his cheese squeak." And she said not a word but she did go in a quick way to her kitchen. She brought back a piece of cheese. It wasn't a little piece. It was a great big piece. There's enough in it for four breakfasts and six McKibben dinners. When Sadie did give it to me for him, she did smooth back my curls and she did give me three kisses -- one on each cheek and one on the nose. She smiled her smile upon us, and we were most happy, and we did go from her house to the cathedral . There I did have a thank service for the goodness of God and the goodness of Sadie McKibben, and the piece of cheese that did bring peace to the lovely Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus.
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