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Paragraph 96
The cheese squeek

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Today, she being come again to the house we live in , I could not have goings there for Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus to the cheese. I did go the way that goes to the house of Sadie McKibben . I did go that way so she might have knowings of the nose improvements of Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus. When I was most come here he did squeak more of his cheese squeaks. It was most hard -- having hearing of him and not having cheese for him. I could hardly keep from crying. He is a most lovely wood-rat, and all his ways are ways gentleness. And he is just like the mamma's baby -- when he squeaks he does have expects to get what he squeaks for. I did cuddle him up more close in my arms. And he had not squeaks again for some little time. It was when I was talking to Sadie McKibben about the chateau of Neuilly that I do have most part done. It was then he did give his squeaks. He began and went on and did continue so. I just couldn't keep from crying. His cheese longings are like my longings for Angel Mother and Angel Father . He did just crawl up and put his nose against my curls. I did stand first on one foot and then on the other. The things I was going to say did go in a swallow down my throat.
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