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Paragraph 94
The nose of Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus

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Afterwards I did have thinks about Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus -- about his nose, its feels. I so went in the way that does go to the hospital . That dear pet rat's nose is getting well. Some way he got his nose too near that trap they set for rats in the barn. Of course, when I found him that morning I let him right out of the trap. He has a ward all to himself in the hospital. For breakfast he has some of my oatmeal. For dinner he has some of my dinner. And for supper I carry to him corn in a jar lid. Sadie McKibben , who has on her face many freckles and a kind heart, gives me enough mentholatum to put on his nose seven times a day. And he is growing better. And today when I was come to the hospital, I took him in my arms. He did cuddle up.
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