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Paragraph 67
The lost 10 minutes

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When I was come to the house we live in , I did do the works the mamma did have for me to do. Then I made begins to fill the woodbox. When I did have ten sticks piled on its top, I looked to the door where the mamma was talking with Elsie . I did have sorry feels for the mamma. I heard her say she lost ten minutes. I did have wants to help her find them. I looked looks under the cupboard, and they were not there. I looked looks in the cook-table drawers, and they were not there. I looked looks into every machine-that-sews drawer, and I didn't find them. I crawled under the bed, but I had no seeing of them. Then I did look looks in all the corners of the house that we do live in. I looked looks all about. But I didnt find them. I have wonders where those ten minutes the mamma lost are gone. While I did look more looks about for them, she did say for me to get out of her way. I so did.
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