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Paragraph 66
A caterpillar's cradle

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He was glad for it. He ate it in two bites, and I came a quick way to our lane . I went along it. I made a stop by a hazel bush . I did stop to watch a caterpillar making his cradle. He did not move about while he did make it. He did roll himself up in a leaf. That almost hid him. He did weave white silk about him. I think it must be an interesting life to live a caterpillar life. Some days I do think I would like to be a caterpillar and by-and-by make a silk cradle. The silk a caterpillar makes its cradle from does come from its mouth. I have seen it so. But not so have I seen come the silk the spider does make its web of This silk does come from the back part of the back of the spider.
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