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Paragraph 302
Pants with fringes

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We all did go on until we were come near to where were two men of the mill by the far woods . They were making divides of a very large log. They were making it to be many short logs. There was a big saw going moves between. One man did push it and one man did pull it. I went on. I did look a look back. I had sees there was a tall fern growing by the foot of one man, and he did have his new overalls cut off where they do meet the boots. I wonder why it is the lumbercamp folk do cut off their overalls where they do meet the boots. When they so cut them, they get fringy -- and such fringes are more long than other fringes. I wonder why it is they so cut them so. It maybe is because they so want fringes about the edge of the legs of their overalls. I would have prefers for ruffles.
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