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Paragraph 283
The nipple that wouldn't stay on

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The nipple on Elsie's baby's milk-bottle has not stay-ons . It has had come-offs a lot of times today. The last time it did come off, Elsie did say, "I wish it would stick tight this time." I was standing by with the bacon she was sending back that she did borrow from the mamma . When I did hear her express her wish, I did tell her I had knows of a way to make that nipple stick tight on the baby's milkbottle. She said, "That's nice -- I don't know of a way." Inside me I had feels she ought to have knows of a way -- now that her babies are two. But I had sees how it was she had not knows of a way; on her lamp-shelf back of the stove there is no bottle of china-mending glue guaranteed to stick. I looked looks up to the shelf and there was not any.
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