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Paragraph 272
A noon meal for Mathilde Plantagenet

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Morning works is done -- and some more already too. There is enough barks in for today and tomorrow. And many kindlings are now in on the floor by the big woodbox. I have had my dinner at the noontime and I went into the barn. There were little sad sounds in the stall. It was the moos of Mathilde Plantagenet . Now I have thinks her moos were moos for some dinner at noontime. She has breakfast at morningtime and supper she has at gray-light-time . But when noontime is come, Mathilde Plantagenet is here in the barn, and her mother, the most gentle Jersey cow , is away out in the pasture. I have thinks there is needs for me to take Mathilde Plantagenet from the barn to the pasture at noontimes so she may have her dinner. I go now to so do.
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