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Paragraph 260
Ruffles at the neck

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I have seeings that the folks, they are almost through eating. I now am not at the table. I was only there for a very little while. I now am under the bed. The mamma did send me away from the table - - it seems a long time ago. She did send me away from the table because when Jenny Strong asked me if I liked her dress, I said, "Yes, and the ruffles around your neck are like the ruffles around the neck of the man with the glove, when Titian made his picture." Jenny Strong looked a queer look and she said to the mamma, "What a naughty child!" The mamma did straightway tell me to crawl under the bed and to stay there. I so am. I have feels Jenny Strong has not had seeing of the picture of the man with the glove that Titian did make. I thought it was nice to tell her her ruffles were like his. They did look so nice.
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