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Paragraph 258
Singing the river song

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Now Jenny Strong and the mamma is gone to the house of Elsie to see the new baby. When she did go, the mamma did tell me to put the baby to sleep. I so did. I did sing it to sleep in the rockingchair. I did sing it the rivière and Fleuve song "A is for Adour, Avre, Ain, Aube, Arroux, and Allier." When I did get to "D is for Douze and Dordogne and Durance," the baby did move its arm. When I did get to "G is for Garonne and Gers and Gard," the baby did open its eyes. When I did get to "I is for Indre, and Isère and Iraouaddy," it did close its eyes. I did sing on. And sleeps did come upon the baby.
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