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Paragraph 229
On explores with William Shakespeare

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When I did see that horse go on and on, then I did have feels it would be nice to go a long way on explores. I did have thinks William Shakespeare had wants to go. He was in the lane . I gave him pats on the nose and I talked with him about it. We did start on. When we were come to the end of the lane there was the gate. It did take some long time to get it open. The plug did stick so tight and more yet. I did pull and I made more pulls. It came out. It did come out in a quick way. I did have a quick setdown. I got up in a slow way. I did show William Shakespeare the way to go out the gate. He went, I went. We went adown the road . A little way we went and we were come to a stump. I made a climb upon it. From the stump I did climb upon the back of William Shakespeare.
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