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Paragraph 227
Making butter

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Some days there is cream to be shaked into butter . The mamma does have me to make a handle go up and down a lot of times in the churn . This makes the butter come. When there is only a little cream to be shaked into butter, then the mamma has me to shake it to and fro in a glass jar. Sometimes it gets awfully heavy and my arms do get ache feels up and down. There are most ache feels when the butter is a long time in coming. It so was today. I gave it many shakes, and I was having hopes it soon would be come. After some long time, when it was most come, the lid came off and it all shaked out. Then the mamma did have cross feels and the spanks she gave made me to have sore feels on the back part of me . I was making tries to be helps to her. That butter was almost come.
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