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Paragraph 224
Standing in the corner at school

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When I did have talks with them for a little time, I did go on. And all along I stopped very often on the way to talk to the other pussy-willows. I was quite late to school . teacher made me stand in the corner to get my lesson with my face to the wall. I didn't mind that at all. There was a window in that part of the wall. It was near the corner. I looked looks at my book sometimes. Most of the times I looked looks out the window. I had seeing of little plant folks just peeping out of the earth to see what they could see. I did have thinks it would be nice to be one of them, and then grow up and have a flower and bees a-coming and seed-children at fall-time. I have thinks this is a very interest world to live in. There is so much to see out the window when teacher does have one to stand in the corner to study one's lesson.
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