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Paragraph 215
Carrying friends in pockets

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When she so did, Felix Mendelssohn did poke his nose out the cuff. He made a quick run up my arm and settled down on my shoulder. He is a very quick-moving mouse. Sadie McKibben did see the movement his moving did make on my sleeve. She asked me if that was all my friends I did take to school today. Then I lifted up my apron and I did show her Lucian Horace Ovid Virgil . He was riding in a pocket in my underskirt. She did have wantings to know why it was that I was not carrying him in my apron pocket as I use to do. I told her I did not so now, for teacher does feel of my apron pockets when I do come into school in the morning; so I carry my friends in my sleeves and in pockets in my underskirt.
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