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Paragraph 208
Explaining to Dear Love

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Then she did take me on her lap and she did ask me what was the matter. And I just did tell her all about it -- all about how I had been praying for the angels to bring a baby real soon to the to them. And how sad feels I did feel because they didn't have a baby yet. Her husband did smile a quiet smile at her, and roses did come on her cheeks. And I did have thinks that they did have thinks that this baby the angels did bring to the house of Elsie was their baby. Then I did give them careful explanations as how I too did have thinks it was their baby the angels did bring to the house of Elsie, that I did pray for them to have real soon. And as how I did have thinks so yesterday and last night and right up until now, when I did come to their house and have seeings of their blue eyes and his having red hair. I did tell them as how this baby couldn't be theirs, because it has most dark hair and dark eyes -- like the eyes and the hair of the young husband of Elsie.
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