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Paragraph 207
To the house of Dear Love

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When sleeps was come upon the mamma's baby, I straightway did go in a hurry to the house of Dear Love by the mill by the far woods . All the way along the raindrops were coming in a hurry down. Many of them did say, "Petite Françoise too. I wonder, I wonder." When I was come to the house of Dear Love, she was there and he was there. Her eyes were light blue, and her hair, it was very light. Most cream hair she has got. And her husband that does call her Dear Love -- his eyes they are blue, and he has red hair. I saw. And I was going right back because I did feel sad feels. Dear Love, she did lead me back into her house and did have me to sit on a chair. I sat on its corner. And I felt lumps come up in my throat. She did take off my fascinator , and she did take off my shoes so my feet would get dry.
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