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Paragraph 205
The eyes and hair of Elsie's baby

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In I went. The baby it was beside her. It was all wrapped in a blanket so it couldn't even have seeings out the window how the raindrops was coming down so fast. The young husband of Elsie did look fond looks at that blanket. I did begin to have fears he did have thinks it was his baby. Elsie did unwrap the blanket from its red face. It's just as red as it was yesterday, though the rain coming makes the weather more warm. Elsie did say, "See its long hair." And I did have seeing. It wasn't long though, not more than an inch. It was most black. And its eyes -- they were dark. It did have prefers to keep them shut. When I did see them, Elsie did say, "Now about what we were talking about yesterday -- next time you go to the house of Dear Love , have seeing of the color of her eyes and hair and also of her husband's. I hardly think this baby's hair and eyes are like theirs. And maybe it is where it does belong." "I feel sure about that," said her young husband. But I had not feels so.
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