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Paragraph 195
A gray day

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Today, after I so did leave a message on a leaf away up in a tree for him, I did have going in along the lane and out across the field and down the road beyond the meeting of the roads . There was grayness everywhere -- gray clouds in the sky and gray shadows above and in the canyon . And all the voices that did speak -- they were gray tones. "Petite Françoise , c'est jour gris." And all the little lichens I did see along the way did seem a very part of all the grayness. And Felix Mendelssohn in my apron pocket -- he was a part of the grayness, too. And as I did go adown the road, I did meet with a gray horse -- and his grayness was like the grayness of William Shakespeare . Then I did turn about. I did turn my face to the near woods where is William Shakespeare.
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