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Paragraph 165
Peter Paul Rubens wants to search

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All my friends do feel lonesome feels for Brave Horatius . Lars Porsena of Clusium hardly has knowing what to do. And Peter Paul Rubens did have goings with me three times on searches. And when I did have stops to pray, he did grunt Amen. And he would like to have goings with me on the afternoon of today. But the pig-pen fence - - it was fixed most tight; and I couldn't unfix it with the hammer, so he might have goings with me. I did start on. He did grunt grunts to go. I did feel more sad feels. I do so like to have him go with me on explores and searches. Today I did go on, and then I did come back to give him more good- bye pats on the nose until I was come again. So I did four times. I did tell him when Brave Horatius was found we would soon come to his pen.
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