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Paragraph 164
The names of places

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In the morning of today, when I did go that way, I did meet with the father of Lola . And I did ask if he had seen my Brave Horatius . He did have no seeing of him, and he did ask where all I was going on searches. I did tell him to Orne and Yonne and Rille and to Camargue and Picardie and Auvergne and to the forÍt de Montmorency. And when I did so tell him, he did laugh. Most all the folks do laugh at the names I do call places hereabout . They most all do laugh 'cepting Sadie McKibben . She smiles and smoothes out my curls and says, "Name 'em what ye are a mind to , dearie." Sadie McKibben has an understanding soul . She keeps watch out of her window for seeings of Brave Horatius, and she has promised me she will ask everybody that she does see go by her house if they have had seeings of Brave Horatius.
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