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Paragraph 149
Finding the tracks of Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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While I did talk with him, the mamma did call. I went in. Brave Horatius followed after. She made him go out the other door. I went too. I went to get the potatoes the mamma wanted for supper. I got them out of a sack in the woodshed . When she did make prepares to peel the potatoes, the mamma reached away back in the cook-table drawer for the paring knife . When she did reach so far back, she did feel the track of Elizabeth Barrett Browning . Then she pulled it out real quick. She threw it out the window. When I went to pick it up, it was broken into eleven pieces. I did gather up all the pieces. They got a little bit wet from tears that trickled down my nose. When I did get the pieces together, I did put them in the back part of the machine drawer .
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