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Paragraph 129
Elsie sings "Gallop-a-trot"

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She was come again home, and she sent me back to Elsie's to get the tidy she was crocheting that she did forget and leave there. So I did go the way that does lead to the house of Elsie . It is not far from the house we live in , and Elsie has not been married long. She only has one baby. She has much liking for it. Elsie is a very young girl -- a very young girl to be married, the mamma says. Today when I came to the house of Elsie, she was trotting on her knee that dear baby boy the angels brought her when she did live at the other camp where we did live too. To him she was singing a song. It was:

"Gallop-a-trot, Gallop-a -trot, This is the way the gentlemen ride, Gallop-a-trot."

She tossed her head as she did sing. And the joy-light danced in her eyes.
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