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Paragraph 108
The tramper who split wood

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There was one who so did one week ago. Sleeps was just come upon the baby after I did sing it "Le chanson de Saint Firmin" and I did go to the door to see who it was. The man that it was, he said he was on his way to get work at the upper camps. He was a man with a clean sad face and a kind look in his eyes. And the roll upon his back was a heavy roll. I straightway did go and get my bowl of bread and milk that I was going to have for dinner. I gave it to him. He ate it in a hungry way, like Brave Horatius does eat his supper when we are come back from a long explore trip. Then, when the man did eat all the bread and milk, he did split some wood out in the woodshed . He did pile it up in a nice way. Then he went. He went on to the upper camps. When he did go he said, "The Lord's blessing be with you, child." I said, "It is." And I did tell him, "We have a cathedral in the woods. And this eventime , when we have prayers there, we will pray that you may get work at the upper camps." And at coming of eventime we did. And Peter Paul Rubens did grunt Amen at in between times. Now every day we do pray for the man that was hungry and had a kind look in his eyes.
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