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Paragraph 101
Sharpening the knife

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I got up and dragged it up on the chopping block. Then I got the butcher knife from its place in the cook-table drawer. I went to work. That knife didn't seem to make moves like the moves it does make when it is in the hands of the papa . I tried to make it go down in a quick way. It went not so. I looked close looks at it. Its appears did have looks like it did have needs of a sharp pennying . I have seen the papa sharp pen it on the grindstone by the singing brook. So did I. I poured a goodly amount of water on that stone wheel. Most of the water splashed off The rest did trickle away. Then I did hold that knife to the stone wheel. And I did make tries to turn it in a quick way like I have seen the papa do. But I could not make that wheel go in quick turns. It would not so go. I made big tries for a long time.
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