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Day 7
Punished at School

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  Today it is I do sit here at my desk while the children are out for play for recess-time. I sit here and I do print. I cannot have goings to talk with the trees that I do mostly have talks with at recess-time. I cannot have goings down the rivière across the road , like I do so go sometimes at recess-time. I sit here in my seat. teacher says I must stay in all this whole recess-time.
  It was after some of our reading lessons this morning -- it was then teacher did ask questions of all the school . First she asked Jimmy eight things at once. She did ask him what is a horse and a donkey and a squirrel and a engine and a road and a snake and a store and a rat. And he did tell her all. He did tell her in his way. Then she asked Big Jud some things, and he got up in a slow way and said, "I don't know" -- like he most always does -- and he sat down. Then she asked Lola some things, and Lola did tell her all in one breath. And teacher marked her a good mark in the book and she gave Lola a smile. And Lola gave her nice red hair a smooth back and smiled a smile back at teacher.
  Then it was teacher did call my name. I stood up real quick. I did have thinks it would be nice to get a smile from her like the smile she did smile upon Lola . And teacher did ask me eight things at once. She did ask me what is a pig and a mouse and a baby deer and a duck and a turkey and a fish and a colt and a blackbird. And I did say in a real quick way, "A pig is a cochon and a mouse is a mulot and a baby deer is a daine and a duck is a canard and a turkey is a dindon and a fish is a poisson and a colt is a poulain and a blackbird is a merle." And after each one I did say, teacher did shake her head and say, "It is not;" and I did say, "It is."
  When I was all through, she did say, "You have them all wrong. You have not told what they are. They are not what you said they are." And when she said that I did just say, "They are --they are -- they are."
  teacher said, "Opal, you sit down." I so did. But when I sat down I said, "A pig is a cochon, a mouse is a mulot, a baby deer is a daine, a duck is a canard, a turkey is a dindon, a fish is a poisson, a colt is a poulain, a blackbird is a merle." Teacher says, "Opal, for that you are going to stay in next recess and both recess-times tomorrow and the next day and the next day." Then she did look a look at all the school , and she did say as how my not getting to go out for recess-times would be an egg sam pull for all the other children in our school.
  They are out at play. It is a most long recess, but I do know a pig is a cochon, and a mouse is a mulot and a baby deer is a daine and a duck is a canard and a turkey is a dindon and a fish is a poisson and a colt is a poulain and a blackbird is a merle. So I do know, for Angel Father always did call them so. He knows. He knows what things are. But no one hereabouts does call things by the names Angel Father did. Sometimes I do have thinks this world is a different world to live in. I do have lonesome feels.
Follow One Character This is a most long recess. While here I do sit I do hear the talkings of the more big girls outside the window most near unto my desk. The children are playing Black Man and the ones more little are playing tag. I have thinks as how nice it would be to be having talks with Good King Edward I and lovely Queen Eleanor of Castile and Peter Paul Rubens and Brave Horatius and Lars Porsena of Clusium and Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus and Aphrodite . And I do think this is a most long recess.
  I still do have hearings of the talkings of the girls outside the windows. The more old girls are talking what they want. Martha says she wants a bow. I don't have seeings why she wants another one. Both her braids were tied back this morningtime with a new bow, and its color was the color of the blossoms of camarine. Lola says she wants a white silk dress. She says her life will be complete when she does have on a white silk dress -- a white silk dress with a little ruffle around the neck and one around each sleeve. She says she will be a great lady then; and she says all the children will gather around her and sing when she has her white silk dress on. And while they sing and while she does have her white silk dress on, she will stand up and stretch out her arms and bestow her blessing on all the people like the deacon does in the church at the mill town .
  Now teacher is come to the door. She does say,"Opal, you may eat your lunch -- at your desk." I did have hungry feels and all this is noon-time instead of short recess-time. It so has been a long recess-time. I did have thinks when came noon-time of all the things I would do down by the rivière .

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