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Day 51
An Exploration Trip Over the River

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  Today I didn't get to finish the exploration trip over the river, because just as I was starting around the house-corner, after I did do my morning work early, the mamma grabbed me. She did tie me to the woodshed corner with a piece of clothesline. So we couldn't play together, she did tie to another corner that very wise crow Lars Porsena of Clusium . To the corner beyond the next corner, to the corner that was the most longways off, she did tie him. But we played peek-a-boo around the middle corner. I'd lean just as far over as I could with the rope a-pulling back my arms. Real quick, I'd stretch my neck and peek and nod to Lars Porsena of Clusium. Then he of Clusium would flutter and say, "How-do-you-do," in squeaky crow tones.
  The day was growing warm. When it grew awful hot my arms did have feelings too sore to lean over any more. I sat down by the woodshed wall and I did watch the passers-by. First went along Clementine , the Plymouth Rock hen . Then along stepped Napoleon , the Rhode Island red rooster. By-and-by I did hear Solomon Grundy squealing in the pig-pen . Then a butterfly did rest on the handle of the pump where I did have longings to be. The wee mother hummingbird never led her nest on the lower oak limb. I could see her bill. I did have hopes Brave Horatius would come marching by. I called and I did hear his whine afar off. Then I knew he was tied up too.
  Another Plymouth Rock hen came walking by. Over in the shade by the old root was a canard. He did have a sleepy look. And I did have a sleepy feel. I looked a short look at the sky. A merle was flying over. I looked looks a-far off when I did look near. The old black cat sat on the doorstep. He had a saucer of milk, and then he did wash his face. I would have been partly glad if he did come over to see me. But I haven't made up with him since he did catch the baby robin. I forgot the cat when a snake did crawl around the stump, one with stripes on it. I did have thinks it might at least have come nearer, that I might count the stripes on its back. But it did go under the house. A grasshopper came hopping along. I stuck out my foot and he did hop over it. Through the slats of the chicken-coop I could see the mother hen with her young ducklings. I did have longings to cuddle them in my apron and I did want to take them down to the brook. I was having very sad feels.
  The sun got hotter and hotter. And pretty soon I did have queer feels in the head and the middle. Then my nose did begin to bleed. I felt all choked up and sticky. And every time I gave my head a shake to get a good breath, my curls did get mixed up with the nose-bleed. Pretty soon the mamma passing by did see my apron with blood upon it and she untied me. After she did souse me in the tub under the pump I felt better. My arms did tingle where the rope was tied.
  After that I went to bed, and near suppertime the mamma did call me to wash the Stockings of the baby and the stockings of the other little girl. I had needs to climb upon a stump to hang the stockings out to dry. Then I set the table. While I was carrying in the wood, I did crawl under the house to find the snake with the stripes on his back; but he wasn't there so I don't know how many stripes he did have on his back. When the wood was all stacked up in the wood-box and the kindling under the stove , the mamma did say I might take the ducklings to the brook. That did make me very happy. All the way to the brook I did sing, "Sanctus, sanctus, sanctus, Dominus Deus, Te Deum laudamus."

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