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Day 49
A Day for Visiting

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  On yesterday the coffee-pot tipped over on Harold . He had pains -- worse than when the baby has colic . Elsie puts oil on him. When she puts the oil on him, some of his cries go under the floor and we do not hear them any more. I feel I have needs of that oil in my hospital . Three times on this morning I have been on goes to the house of Elsie to have asks if he is growing well. She says his feels are better -- the oil does make them so. And I yet have more thinks then there is needs of oil like that oil in my hospital.
  When I was coming back from the house of Elsie I did look looks about as I did go along. I saw a piece of bark. I did turn it over with care. There were ants. I made a set-down to watch them. Some ants did carry bundles with queer looks. Big Jud at school says they are ant eggs. I have not thinks so. They be too big for ant eggs and I have remembers that Angel Father did call them nymphes de fourmis.
  When I was come to the house we live in , there was Lars Porsena of Clusium walking about on the clean tablecloth that has been put on for company. And there he was tracking crow-tracks in jam all over it. I picked him up and the mamma picked me up, and right away she did spank me for his doing it. The time it did take to wash that tablecloth was quite a time long. I made little rubs on it where was the jam-tracks of Lars Porsena of Clusium. When they was all come out, and it had clean looks that did suit the feels of the mamma, then she did tell us to get out of her way.
  We did. We went to the woods and Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus went with us. When we were come to the great fir tree, I did say a prayer. We went on. A little way we went. Then I made a stop to print a message on a leaf, for the soul of the girl that has no seeing. I had wants to tie it on a limb of a tree that I could not reach up to, and there was no tree fallen against it. While I did stand close by it, the man that wears gray neckties and is kind to mice did come that way by. When he saw me in meditation by that tree, he did ask me what I wanted. I told him I did have needs of being up in that tree. He did set me on his shoulder. From there I could reach the tree-arm that was most near earth. But before I did climb onto the limb from his shoulder I did take long looks about in three straight ways and four corner ways .
  One does get such a good view of life from a man's shoulder. One feels so much more tall. I saw a mouse run under a log. I saw a mother bird come to her babies. I saw a toad by an old gray rock. I saw a caterpillar on a bush close by. I saw a squirrel on a tree beyond the next bush. Then I did climb up into the tree, and I tied the leaf with the message on it out far on a limb high up, so the angels would have sees of it when they went flying by and carry it up to her in heaven there.
  Afterwards I did go to the house of Sadie McKibben . Lars Porsena of Clusium and Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus went goes with me. Sadie McKibben has a new back-comb. She did have me put it in her hair for the first time it so is in. It has crinkles on its back and it does hold her hair up from her neck in a nice way. Sometimes Sadie McKibben does let me help her to do up her hair. I have satisfaction feels that I can be of helps. I do roll her hair in a roll on top of her head. It makes loop looks where some hairs want not to be in the roll on top of her head. Then I do put the hairpins in, to make them look like a water-wheel that the chore boy does build in the brook. But all the times I do put Sadie McKibben's hairpins in like a water-wheel, her hair, it does not stay up long. Then she does smile a smile and give her hair a quick roll. She sticks the hairpins in tight. Her hair, it does stay up. She so did today. And when we came away she did give me a kiss on both my cheeks and one on my nose. I have glad feels that she does remember about the nose.
  After I was come home I did bring the wood in and set the table. Then I made a start to go to the ranch-house to get the milk. On the way along I heard a little lamb bleating. It was crying for its mother. I went to look for it. I left the path. I went to the pasture up by the woods. When I got there the little lamb seemed to be away back in the woods. I set the milk-pail down and ran. I ran quick. There were long gray shadows in the woods. I felt their soft fingers touch my cheeks. I ran on. The little lamb had stopped crying. I heard it bleat no more. Where last time it did cry, there was only the husband of Sadie McKibben sitting on a log. I have thinks the wee lamb did find its mother. So I came back again. And the time was not long until I did have the milk brought to the house we live in .
  Afterwards in gray-light time I did go to the cathedral . And with me went Brave Horatius and most all the others. We did have service and I did sing and say thank prayers for the goodness of Grégoire VII. It was on this day in 1085 -- it was then he did have going away. And this eventime there was a song in the tree-tops at the cathedral. I have thinks it was a song of his goodness.

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