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Day 47
Opal Learns About the Death of the Girl Who Has No Seeing

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  Early on this morning I went again to the house of the girl who has no seeing . There were little singings everywhere -- sky and hills and the willows were whispering little whispers by Nonette. I went in a quick way down along the lane and in along the fields, until I was come near unto her house. I cuddled Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus more close in my arm, and I tiptoed on the grass. Menander Euripides Theocritus Thucydides did make little jumps beside me. And Brave Horatius came a-following after.
  I made a stop by the window that I always do make stops by and I rapped six raps on the window-pane. Six raps means "Come on out -- we are come." I had no hears of her steps a-coming like they always do. I put my hands above my eyes so I could see inside the window. She was not there. Nobody was. I did tap six more raps. She did not come.
  I went on around by the lilac bush. I crawled in under it to wait waits for her coming. Two men were talking by the fence. One did say, "It is better so." I had wonders what did he mean. The other man did say, "A pit tea it was she couldn't have had a little sight to see that brush-fire ahead." And I had hears of the other one say, "Probably the smell of the smoke caused her worry about the fire coming to the house, and probably she was trying to find out where it was when she walked right into it." And the other man did have asks if she was con chus after. And the other one did say, "Yes.''
  I listened more listens to their queer talk. I had wonders what did it all mean. Another man did come in the gate. He came to where they was. He put his hand on a fence-post. There was a green caterpillar close by him on a bush, but he had not seeing of it. He did begin to talk. First thing he said was, "When Jim went by here last even, that child was sitting on the gate-post. She was waiting for her to come back." He said more; he said, "Jim told her she was gone to the graveyard, but she said she knew she would come back."
  Why, that was what I told that man. It all did sound queer. I heard them say some more. Then I had understanding. I had knows then it was the girl that has no seeing they was having talks about, because I was waiting waits for her on yesterday when the man did tell me that. I felt queerness in my throat and I couldn't see either. I couldn't see the green caterpillar on the leaf by the man that said it. And Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus had looks like a gray cloud in my arms.
  More the men said. They talked it all over again. They said she smelled the smoke of the brush-fire, and not having sees of it, she did walk right into it and all her clothes did have fire; and then she ran, and her running did make the fire to burn her more -- and she stubbed her toe and fell. She fell in a place where there was mud and water. She was rolling in it when they found her. And all the fire-pains that was did make her moan moans until hours after, when she died. They say she died. And I couldn't see Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus or Brave Horatius or anything then.
  When after a while I did come again the way that goes to the house we live in , I did have sees of the little fleurs along the way that she so did love. I have thinks they were having longings for her presence. And I so was too. But I do have thinks her soul will come again to the woods. And she will have sees of the blooming of the fleurs in the field she has loves for. I go now to write a message on a leaf for her like I do to Angel Father and Angel Mother . I will put one by the ferns, and I will tie one to a branch of the singing fir tree. And I will pray that the angels may find them when they come a-walking in the woods. Then they will carry them up to her in heaven there.

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