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Day 35
A Visit to Dear Love

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  I now have a bottle with a nipple on it for Solomon Grundy . But he won't pay much attention to it. He has prefers to get his dinner from his mother Aphrodite out in the pig-pen . After he so did have his dinner today, and after my morning works were done and I did have that hen started on a set -- that hen had wants to set so much. I did have an awful time getting her off the nest at feeding-time. I had thinks I would set her myself being as the mamma doesn't want to bother about it. I had thinks I would put three eggs under her today, and three more when comes tomorrow and three on the next day, and three on the next. That will give her a good setting of eggs to start on.
  Today, after I so did have her started on a set with three eggs, then I went to visit Dear Love . I did cuddle up Solomon Grundy in one arm and Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus in the other arm. And so we went to visit Dear Love. Solomon Grundy wore his christening robe and he looked very sweet in it. I gave him a nice warm bath before we did start, so as to get all the pig-pen smells off. Sometimes smells do get in that pig-pen, though I do give it brush-outs every day, and I do carry old leaves and bracken ferns and straws in for beds for Aphrodite . After I did give Solomon Grundy his bath I did dust talcumatum powder over him. I was real careful not to get any in his eyes.
  As we did go along I did sing to them a lullaby about Nonette and Saint Firmin, and more I did sing about Iraouaddy. We went on. Then I did tell them about the beautiful love the man of the long step that whistles most all of the time does have for the pensée girl with the far-away look in her eyes. But he is afraid to tell her about it. Sadie McKibben says he is. Sadie McKibben says he is a very shy man.
  Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus did go to sleeps while I was telling them about it and Solomon Grundy did grunt a little grunt. It was a grunt for more sings. So I did sing to him: "Did he smile his work to see? Did he who made the lamb make thee?" He had likes for that song and he grunted a grunt with a question in it. So I did sing him some more" "Indeed he did, Solomon Grundy, indeed he did. And the hairs of thy baby head, they are numbered." Soon I shall be counting them to see how many they are.
  We went on to the house of Dear Love . When we were come to there, the husband of Dear Love was digging in the ground under the front window of their little house. As he did dig, he did pick up the little rocks that were under the window and he did lay them aside. I did have asks what for was he digging up the ground under their window. And he did give explanations . He is making a flower-bed, and when it is made, Dear Love is going to plant morning-glory seeds in it. And then morning-glory vines will grow up around the window. I think that will be so nice. I did ask him how far up they would grow. And he reached up his hand to where they have thinks the morning-glory vines will grow to. I looked up. It was high up. It was lots more up than I have growed to. Now I think it would be nice to be a morning-glory vine and grow up and up. In the fields I have had seeing that the little white ones there do grow out and out. I did ask them how many leaves does the morning-glory have, that is going to grow up by their window. They both did say they were sorry but they did not know. Then I did tell them that they did not need to have cry feels about it, because when it is growing up we can learn together how many leaves it has. And he did stop digging digs, to take Solomon Grundy in his arms, and Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus had allows for Dear Love to pet his paws.

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