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Day 3
Taking Castoria

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  The colic had the baby today, and there was no Castoria for the pains. There was none because yesterday Pearl and I climbed upon a chair and then upon the dresser and drank up the new bottle of Castoria. But the bottle had an ache in it and we swallowed the ache with the Castoria. That gave us queer feels . Pearl lay down on the bed. I did rub her head. But she said it wasn't her head --it was her back that hurt. Then she said it was her leg that ached. The mamma came in the house then, and she did take Pearl in a quick way to the ranch-house .
Follow One Character It was a good time for me to go away exploring, but I didn't feel like going on an exploration trip. I just sat on the doorstep. I did sit there and hold my chin in my hand. I did have no longings to print. I only did have longings not to have those queer feels . Brave Horatius came walking by. He did make a stop at the doorstep. He wagged his tail. That meant he wanted to go on an exploration trip. Lars Porsena of Clusium came from the oak tree. He did perch on the back of Brave Horatius. He gave two caws. That meant he wanted to go on an exploration trip. Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus came from under the house. He just crawled into my lap. I gave him pats and he cuddled his nose up under my curls. Peter Paul Rubens did squeal out in the pig-pen . He squealed the squeals he does squeal when he wants to go on an exploration trip.
  Brave Horatius did wait and wait, but still those queer feels wouldn't go away. Pretty soon I got awful sick. By-and-by I did have better feels . And to-day my feels are all right and the mamma is gone, a-visiting and I am going on an exploration trip. Brave Horatius and Lars Porsena of Clusium and Thomas Chattetton Jupiter Zeus and Peter Paul Rubens are waiting while I do print this. And now we are going the way that does lead to the blue hills .

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