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Day 29
Mending Things Quickly

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  The nipple on Elsie's baby's milk-bottle has not stay-ons . It has had come-offs a lot of times today. The last time it did come off, Elsie did say, "I wish it would stick tight this time." I was standing by with the bacon she was sending back that she did borrow from the mamma . When I did hear her express her wish, I did tell her I had knows of a way to make that nipple stick tight on the baby's milkbottle. She said, "That's nice -- I don't know of a way." Inside me I had feels she ought to have knows of a way -- now that her babies are two. But I had sees how it was she had not knows of a way; on her lamp-shelf back of the stove there is no bottle of china-mending glue guaranteed to stick. I looked looks up to the shelf and there was not any.
  She had asks for me to show her the way. I told her it was as I would have to go first to the house we live in . I so went in a quick way. The mamma was not in. I put the bacon on the cook-table. Then I made a climb up on the stove to get the bottle of china-mending glue. I most fell off the stove, but I didn't. If I did, I might have broke the bottle of china-mending glue guaranteed to stick. That would have been a cal lamb of tea .
  When I was come to the house of Elsie , she had askings what was she to do. I told her to go in the bedroom and shut her eyes while her wish came true. She filled the baby's bottle that used to be a brandy bottle with warm milk. She gave it and the nipple to me, and she went into the bedroom to wait waits for her wish to come true. A little time it took. I had to have carefuls, so there wouldn't be glue in top of the bottle too. I made it in a nice ring around the top. Then I put some more china-mending glue guaranteed to stick in a ring around the edge of the nipple. That fixed it. When I put it on, I had knows it would stick.
  I put the china-mending glue in my pocket, and when I did say, "It is fixed!" Elsie did come. I felt a big amount of satisfaction. It is nice to help people to have what they wish for. It was as Elsie did have wishes for it to be. When I did hand it to her, she did have askings how was she going to have it stick on on other days when I was not there to make it so do. She did have asks how did I do it. I told her it wasn't me -- it was the china-mending glue guaranteed to stick. That was what did it.
  She had a spell of cough. It came in a sudden way upon her while I was telling her what it was that made the nipple stick like she had wishes for it to. I had not knows in the morning of this day she had a cold. Whenever she does have a cold or feels of a one coming, she does send in a quick way for her mother. And her mother does come. She comes down the road that goes up to the mines . She has not come yet. And it's an awful cough Elsie did have then, and tears in her eyes.
  When she did get better of the cough, I did give more explains how she could always make the nipple stick on tight on the baby's bottle by keeping there on her lamp-shelf a bottle of mending glue guaranteed to stick. She started to have coughs again and I gave her some pats on the back, like I have seen a man by the mill by the far woods pat his brother on the back. The pats on the back did help her some. When she had coughs no more, I went out the door. She stepped out on her back steps. She gave my curls a smooth back and told me thanks for making her wish come true. And she told me more thanks for the in form ashun about how to make the nipple stick on the baby's bottle other times.
  When I was come into the house we live in , I had thinks to go to visit Dear Love . When I did give my dress a smooth-out, I did have feels of that tear I got in it yesterday on top the barn door when I did go to talk with Michael Angelo Sanzio Raphael . That was not a little tear. It was quite a big one. I had thinks it might get some more tear if I did not mend it. I got a patch. It was almost like the dress. It was a piece of a piece that was left when the mamma did make for her baby a jacket of light blue outing flannel. The patch of light blue looked nice on my dark blue calico dress, and the patch did have a soft feel. I mended it onto my dress with china-mending glue guaranteed to stick. Mending it that way saves so much time. It is quicker than mending it with a needle and thread in the regular way.
  Then I went to get the cap of the husband of Dear Love . The husband of Dear Love has given me one of his old caps to carry some of my pets in. Sometimes caterpillars do ride in it -- black and brown ones that do roll up in a ball and sleep the all of the time that I have them out for a walk. And sometimes Felix Mendelssohn and Nannerl Mozart and Louis II, le Grand Condé , do all ride in it. It is a nice warm place for them to ride when we do go on winter walks. But mostly Louis II, le Grand Condé, has prefers to ride in the sleeves of my warm red dress.
  Sometimes Brave Horatius does wear this cap that was the cap of the husband of Dear Love . It so was today when Brave Horatius and I did go to visit Dear Love. Brave Horatius did wear the cap of her husband. I put little pink-ribbon strings on it, and I did tie them under his chin in a nice way. He was very quiet while I did so do, and his being quiet did help me to get them tied in a nice way. He is such a lovely dog. And he does have appreciations for all the things I do for him. When I did have that cap tied on in a nice way, he did bark a joy bark, and he gave his tail three wags, and we did start to go to the house of Dear Love .
  As we did go along I did make stops to look for cones and to get a piece of long moss. I put them in my pocket. I put them there for the girl who has no seeing . She has likes for the things I bring her to feel. She says she has likes to have them near her in the house she does live in. So most every day I do find something for her, so she can have joy with its feels. She so does like pine-needles. I did gather for her my little basket full of pine-needles under the most tall pine tree of all.
  We went on. Little blue fleurs are early blooming now, before the oak and maple trees have yet their leaves. I do so like blue. It is glad everywhere. When I grow up I am going to write a book about the glads of blue -- and about the ç and lin and cornette and nigelle and herbe-de-la-trinite.
  We made more stops to tell the willows by Nonette about this day being the borning day of Galileo in 1564 and the going-away day of Michael Angelo in 1564. And I did say another little thank prayer to God for their borning. This morning we did have prayers of thanks in the cathedral for the works they did on earth. And Elizabeth Barrett Browning was there and Brave Horatius and most of the rest of us, except Louis II, le Grand Condé
  When we were come to the house of Dear Love , the husband of Dear Love was making for her a chair. He was putting much work on all the little pieces. He did make all little rough places to have much smoothness. He so did with tools out of a tool box he does keep in the kitchen of their little house. When he is not having uses of the tools in the tool box, then the tool box has its lid down and it is a seat to sit on. Sometimes on rainy days when I do take Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus to visit Dear Love, we all do sit on the tool box and Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus does allow Dear Love to give him gentle pats on his nice white paws. He does have such beautiful ones. Today he did have allows for her to pat his paws while we did sit on a little bench.
  Dear Love had thinks the appears of the cap of her husband on the head of Brave Horatius was very nice. And the husband of Dear Love did say the pink ribbons now on his cap made it a better looking cap. I had thinks so, too. Before I did have comes back to the house we live in , Dear Love did get out a piece of calico just like my dress. Then she cut out the light blue patch that I did mend on with china-mending glue guaranteed to stick. She did sew on the blue calico patch in a nice way. She so did because she thought the light blue patch of outing flannel would be nice for a crib-robe for Felix Mendelssohn .
  While Dear Love was sewing that blue calico patch on my blue calico dress with little stitches, her husband did smile and look at her and he did say, "Another reason." Now I have thinks the other reason was that he had fears if I longer wore that light blue patch of outing flannel on my dress, some of its soft feels would get wored off and wouldn't be there for the joys of Felix Mendelssohn . He is a mouse that has likes for soft feels to go to sleep in.

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