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Day 23
Opal Takes her Friends to School

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  On the way home from school tonight I did meet with Sadie McKibben , and it was very nice to see her freckles. And she wore her blue gingham apron with cross stitches on it. First when we were met she did kiss me on each cheek. Then she was going to shake hands with me, but I could not shake hands with her with my right hand because Louis II, le Grande Condé , was asleep in my sleeve. I had fears shaking hands with my right hand would disturb his calm. So I gave explanations . And Sadie McKibben did have understanding . She gave me a kiss on my nose and smoothed back my curls and shook hands with my left hand.
  When she so did, Felix Mendelssohn did poke his nose out the cuff. He made a quick run up my arm and settled down on my shoulder. He is a very quick-moving mouse. Sadie McKibben did see the movement his moving did make on my sleeve. She asked me if that was all my friends I did take to school today. Then I lifted up my apron and I did show her Lucian Horace Ovid Virgil . He was riding in a pocket in my underskirt. She did have wantings to know why it was that I was not carrying him in my apron pocket as I use to do. I told her I did not so now, for teacher does feel of my apron pockets when I do come into school in the morning; so I carry my friends in my sleeves and in pockets in my underskirt.
  Sadie McKibben did have understanding . And she did say she thought she would have to be getting me a little basket to carry them in. She said she was going to speak to the man that wears gray neckties and is kind to mice about the matter. I have thinks to be carried in a warm basket will please the souls of Louis II, le Grand Condé , and Felix Mendelssohn and Lucian Horace Ovid Virgil and all the little folk that do go walking with me. It will be almost as nice as to ride in the pockets of the papa's big coat . I have thinks I will have needs to put pockets in that basket and divides so there in it will be little rooms, little rooms for all the folks of the nursery . I will let them have their turns riding to school in the basket. And there is enough room in my seat so that basket can set right beside me. I can hardly wait waits until I do have that basket.
Follow One Character When Sadie McKibben did kiss me good-bye, she gave me a sugar lump for William Shakespeare and a piece of cheese for Thomas Chatterton Jupiter Zeus and a bone for Brave Horatius and ten corn seeds for Lars Porsena of Clusium . She does have knowings of the likings of my friends. Then she went her way, and I did come my way home to the house we live in .
Follow One Character When I was come, first I did feed the chickens. And then I did go to carry in the wood. It was while I was carrying in wood that Rob Ryder came to borrow a hammer. I haven't been near unto where he has been since I did bite his hand the other day. And today the mamma tried to make me say to that Rob Ryder how sorry I was because I bit him on the hand. But I wasn't a bit sorry. And I wouldn't say I was sorry. And if I got a chance I'd bite him again for his laying that big whip to the back of William Shakespeare when he doesn't pull logs fast enough. I know my William Shakespeare and I know how hard he pulls to pull those logs. To pull those logs he does his very best.
  And when he was gone away the mamma did spank me most hard with the hairbrush. Then she put me out the door. And I did go from the house we do live in to where do dwell King Edward III and Queen Philippa of Hainault . They are grand trees. We are friends. Often it is I go to where they dwell when the mamma does put me out of the house. Today I did stay long with them and I did talk long with them. Mostly it was about the lovely England when they were there, we did have talks about today.
  And the wind was talking too. I think the wind does have knowing of this being their wedding day in 1328. As he did come near unto where they dwell , he did walk among the willows by the singing creek . And I did climb down from the arms of Queen Philippa of Hainault and go to gather watercress for the mamma . She does have such a fondness for it.
  Then I did say good-bye, and I did say good-bye to all those twelve trees growing near unto them. And all those twelve trees that do grow near unto King Edward III and Queen Philippa of Hainault --those twelve trees are their twelve children. The tree most near unto Edward III, that is Edward Prince of Wales ; and the one next unto him is Lionel Duke of Clarence ; and the one most near unto him, that is John of Gaunt , Duke of Lancaster. The time was when there were only ten trees growing there, and I did have needs to plant two more. Two little ones I did plant, and one is for baby Blanche and one is for baby William , the other one.

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