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Opal's teacher in 1907
Opal's teacher in a one room schoolhouse in 1907

Picture of Opal's teacher in a one room schoolhouse

The teacher in this picture taught Opal the year after she left the Walden School. There is a calendar on the blackboard which shows the date as March 27, 1907.

Elbert Bede interviewed Opal's teachers for his book, Fabulous Opal Whiteley, From Logging Camp to Princess of India (Binsfords & Mort, 1954, page 90)

"Opalís first teacher told me the child was an unusually bright student, and although the youngest pupil, passed two grades in one year. In this first school the teacher would read from Greek mythology and her pupils would put into story form what they could recollect. There are some who believe this at least partly explains the names with which the child diary named her pets.

Her teacher seems to have known that Opal kept a diary. She wished Opal to read it to her classes, but Opal denied the request."

Paragraph 45: Opal's new teacher is "screwtineyesing" her     

Scene 10: Punished at school     

Photo courtesy of the University of Oregon Special Collections Library
Research by Steve Williamson 



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