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Sadie McKibben in 1905
Opal's neighbor Sadie McKibben who has an understanding soul

Photo of Sadie McKibben

Sadie McKibben is a neighbor and good friend of Opal's. Her family owned the "mill by the far woods". Sadie gave Opal paper and pencils for her writing and encouraged her in many ways.

She is about forty years old in this picture taken at the same time as the diary. Sadie McKibben died giving birth on August 6, 1911 at age of 45.
Scene 4: the beauty of Sadie McKibben     

Scene 65: Opal helps Sadie with Chores     

Scene 99: Rolling up Sadie McKibben's Hair     

Paragraph 495: The wisdom of Sadie McKibben     

Photo courtesy of John Wilson
Research by Steve Williamson 



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