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A small pig like Opal's pet Peter Paul Rubens
This is a young black and white pig like Opalís pet pig

Picture of a small pig

Could Opalís story in Chapter four be true? Did the pig, Peter Paul Rubens ever follow Opal to school? The publisher of the Atlantic Monthly Magazine, Ellery Sedgwick wrote that next to the Walden school was a farm with pigs.

The "Linebaughs (farmers in Walden) had pigs which wandered around the school yard." Opalís teacher believed that her imagination created the story of the pig coming to school. (Ellery Sedgwick notes, 1920, Mass. Historical Society)

Scene 8: Opal's pet pig goes to school

Scene 29: The butchering of Peter Paul Rubens

Scene 31: Searching for the soul of Peter Paul Rubens

Photo Researched by Steve Williamson 



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