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Elizabeth Scott Whiteley's wedding day in 1895
"the mamma" in her wedding dress, 1895

Photo of Opal's mother

Elizabeth Scott Whiteley ( b. 1874 - d. 1917) on her wedding day in 1895.

Elizabeth Whiteley had five children, Opal, Pearl, Faye, Chloe and Elwin. However, Opal does not believe she is her real mother. Mrs. Whiteley is called "the mamma" in the diary. Lizzie Whiteley died of breast cancer on May 17, 1917.

Scene 15: Opal tries to help with chores     

Scene 67: Opal is spanked by the Mamma     

Scene 104: Opal is tied up to the woodshed     

Scene 61: Patching clothes with glue     

Photo courtesy of University of Oregon Special Collections
Research by Steve Williamson 



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