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Lichen voices in winter
Moss (also called lichen) growing on the sides of trees

Picture of moss

Opal writes about tree moss called "lichen". Opal writes that "I hear their voices more in winter than in summer". Lichen grow best in the wet winter. Lichen prefers dark growing places - like forests and rocks.

Opal also wrote about lichen and moss in the book she wrote when she was nineteen years old, "The Fairyland Around Us".

"Winter time is such a good time to study many flowerless plants. 'Tis in the winter we children like to collect the Moss Fairies. We have many Moss Fairies dwelling in our Fern garden. Then during these months, when many flowering plants are sleeping, it is such a joy to find the Lichen fairies along the way. And even the humblest fairies by the road are full of interest.

Paragraph 271: Listening to lichen voices     

Photo courtesy of Dr. Sabry Mason. 



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