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Ferns in the forest
Ferns were one of Opal's favorite plants

Photo of Fern Plants

Ferns grow in the forest. Ferns have no flowers. They have roots, stems, and fronds, but no flowers. They grow in large clumps. Ferns stay green all year round.

Opal also writes about ferns in her book The Fairyland Around Us (1918).

"We learn many things from the Fern fairies who dwell in our Cathedral. Some dwelt there before we came to worship in the Cathedral -- others we brought from different places in the valley, and from ravines and canyons. I think that the Fern fairies, too, love our Cathedral. Softly we go among them, and talk with them, and listen unto them.

Paragraph 475: Looking for thoughts in flowers     

Scene 1: Opal finds colored pencils among the ferns     

Photo courtesy of Dr. Sabry Mason. 



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