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Fairies from the Forrest
Poster from the movie Fairy Tale

Photo from the movie Fairy Tale

Opal often writes about seeing "fairies" and "little people". In folklore a "fairy" is a small creature, generally with a human form. Fairies are also said to live in the everyday world such as trees, streams, flowers and hills. Opal believes the fairies bring her pencils and paper to write with.

In her 1918 book, The Fairyland Around Us, Opal writes that her grandmother and her uncle taught her about fairies. Opal believed that all things had a living spirit - it's "fairy". In her childhood diary she writes that yellow jackets are fairies too.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (writer of the Sherlock Holmes stories) believed that fairies came through another dimension. In 1921 he wrote a book called "The Coming of the Fairies". The movie "Fairy Tale, a True Story", was loosely based on his book was made in 1997.
Paragraph 552: Demoiselles by the creek     

Paragraph 27: Feeding yellowjacket fairies     

Scene 13: Colored pencils from the fairies     

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