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Opal's one room schoolhouse
Photo of Opal's 1907 classroom near Cottage Grove. Opal is in the third row on the right.

Picture of Opal's class at school in 1907

Here is a photo of Opalís class in the a one room schoolhouse like the Walden School. Opal is in the 3rd seat in the right side row.

The calendar on the chalk board behind the teacher says the date is March 27, 1907.

The photo of Opalís school shows what class was like with all grades together. Students who were very bright, like Opal, could advance from one grade to the next more quickly.

Paragraph 62: The older girls in Opal's classroom     

Scene 366: Lola helps save Opal's pet toad     

Photos courtesy of the University of Oregon Special Collections library
Research by Steve Williamson 



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