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Raising butterflies in the nursery
Opal raises butterflies from cocoons in the nursery

Picture of a butterfly

Opal was fascinated with butterflies all of her life. Many people around Cottage Grove remember her incredible knowledge of cocoons, butterflies and moths.

Here is an entry about raising butterflies from her diary published in The Fairyland Around Us.

"May 11th -- I watched a Monarch Butterfly laying her eggs on the Milkweed today. She laid them one at a time on the under side of the leaves. Do you know why she lays them on the Milkweed? Long time ago I wondered about it, and took some of the leaves home to find out -- keeping them fresh until the green eggs hatched five days later. The little caterpillars were certainly hungry, for the first thing they ate were the eggshells of out which they had come. Then they began to eat the Milkweed leaves; and then I understood why their mother had placed those eggs upon the Milkweed leaves. Each year since then I have raised Monarch Butterflies."

Paragraph 320: Showing the nursery to Jenny Strong     

Paragraph 320: Opal imagines what it would be like to be a caterpillar     

Photo courtesy of Dr. Sabry Mason. 



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